LeAnn Sims

Happy New Year! I stumbled upon a video by Lisa Nichols [NY Times bestselling author and motivational speaker]. She encouraged viewers to create a list of at least 10 things for which you are grateful or proud of in 2017. Since my husband and I had a long drive to visit friends today, I made him invited him to write a list with me. We started out with a few comical things like, “I’m proud that I didn’t slap my co-worker even though they tried me all year,”! However, by the time we both reached 10 items we found our hearts full of sincere gratitude to God and with great expectancy for 2018. I strongly encourage you to write your list too. Here are some of the items on our list:

  1. Our marriage—our love [and moment by moment decision to love] is so sweet and enduring that I often stop midday and thank God for bringing us together.
  2. Family—including in-laws who love and support us as if we were blood relatives. Now that’s rare!
  3. Support after my grandmother died—my extended family, friends and my parent’s church lovingly circled around us when my beautiful, strong 96 year-old grandmother passed away days before Thanksgiving.
  4. Released unnecessary weight—we teamed up with Coach DaTosha Mayo to help us detox so we can “win from within”. Together we shed more than 54 lbs in 30 days.
  5. Business opportunities—some business relationships fell through this year and that hurt; but new doors opened that I did not expect! Mike continued produce great music with his mentor and business partner.
  6. Fit & Fab Weekend—I held the wildly successful 2nd Annual Fit & Fab Weekend featuring celebrity stylist and actress Thomasina “Goo Goo” Atkins!
  7. Our pastors—Apostle Mike and Dr. Dee Dee Freeman are tremendous Christian examples, committed leaders and supportive mentors. Our mindset and lives have been elevated because of their teachings.
  8. Vacation—hubby and I took respite in paradise for our anniversary in June. This trip was 2 years in the making.
  9. Jobs—that we enjoy and have afforded us the opportunity to pursue our dreams and passions.
  10. Birth of our God-child—in January we welcomed our first God-son into the world and he is literally the cutest little boy in Maryland.

I could go on and on about the things I am grateful for in 2017. As I look towards 2018, I am expecting GREAT things and I hope that you are too!

Happy New Year!!