Ugh, I kind of hate to talk about calories and pounds, but I have to be authentic about where I am right now on my wellness journey—I want to and need to shed some unnecessary weight and I am being very intentional (and kind) with myself in the process. Plus, my hubby is pushing me to share my journey with all of you (feel free to send him a thank you card). Speaking of the hubs, we finally found a healthy eating plan that we can agree on. If you read my post about how I got him to lose weight with me  you know this was a bit of a challenge for us. We kicked off our “new year” early and completed a 30-day detox between Black Friday of last year and Christmas Eve. And boy, did we ever detox . . . thoughts, emotional traps, spiritual baggage and of course some weight . . . 54 pounds to be exact! We agreed to share our progress with a monthly video for something different.

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XOXO – LeeAnn