_WCW TRACEY MOOREEvery so often I celebrate a #WCW (Weight Confident Woman). A fabulous woman who exudes confidence and celebrates her uniqueness while she pursues her best self! I admire this woman so much. I know you will too.

Name? Tracy Murray Moore

Where are you from? Currently reside in Southern, NJ however I left my heart in Bowie, MD eleven years ago.

Share one fun fact about you. Shopping is my favorite form of Cardio!

What does a typical day for you look like?

As a wife and mother of twin 9 year of boys, my mornings start early. Each morning begins with the reading of a daily devotion and prayer. I call this my morning motivation. After getting the boys off to school, I head to the place I love to hate most days, LA Fitness. I love yoga, zumba, lifting weights and the hot tub. In addition to my career as an HR consultant & Career Coach, I launched Shatter the Glass Youth Enrichment Programs in September.  Shatter the Glass Youth Enrichment Program is a training and coaching platform for middle and high school students designed to empower, motivate and inspire youth about their future.    

How did your journey to a healthier you begin? Where are you currently on that journey?

In February 2015, I made the decision to live more authentically. This included resigning  from a job I didn’t align with my core values, I no longer recognized myself. The three hour round trip commute was also taking a toll on me physically. In addition to gaining weight, I also began to experience problems with my lower back and knees. The stress of my work life triggered a diagnosis of pre diabetes, hypothyroidism and high blood pressure. I was a mess! After consultation with my doctor, I decided to have the gastric sleeve procedure. The surgery and recovery has been one of the best decisions for me.  While others may view this as a short cut to achieving the weight loss journey for me, the surgery was a jump start, a tool.  I started at a size 22 and now wear a size 16.  From my perspective, there are no short cuts to living a healthy life. The struggle to make healthy choices is REAL.

What is one healthy goal you have for 2016?

This year has been a transitional year for me mentally, physically and professionally. Throughout my life I created weight loss goals instead of healthy lifestyle goals. This year in addition to my goal of daily exercise, I have also began to educate myself about food by working with a Nutritionist. This lifestyle focus is quite empowering and has sparked the creative chef in me.

What tips/advice/inspiration can you share with others looking to get healthier?

In January, I decided to update my Vision Board to include visuals that reflected the new vision for my life. Included on the board is a quote by Maya Angelou which states “You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated”. This quote reminds me that every day I am committed to living my best life, no matter what.

Learn more about Tracy below. Trust me she’s one to know:

Twitter:  TracyMoore@Tracy_MMoore

Facebook: Tracy Murray Moore Consultancy

WebSite: www.tracymurraymoore.com

Linked In:  www.linkedin.com/in/tracymurraymoore

Instagram: Tracymurraymoore