Weight Loss D.I.V.A.


70 pages, published March 9, 2015, paperback


LeeAnn Willis Sims went from a size twenty-four to six and then back again – so she knows all about seeing life from varied perspectives.

She’s known the embarrassment of having to exit a roller coaster ride after the attendant couldn’t buckle her into the seat. But she’s also felt the glow that comes with exchanging a dress for the next size down.

One thing she’s learned: Insecurities don’t magically slip away with the pounds, which is why it’s important to find your inner D.I.V.A. by focusing on Discipline, Inspiration, Victory and Acceptance. She helps you:

•find inspiration to pursue your goals;
•learn the true meaning of discipline;
•accept mistakes while looking forward to tomorrow.

If you’re tired of being unable to lose weight, feel misunderstood, wish people would stop telling you to “just eat less, and exercise more,” and most importantly—you’re ready for a change—then discover the thrill of becoming a Weight Loss D.I.V.A.

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