Who am I?

I’m sure you’ve figured out my name by now, I’m LeeAnn. I love to laugh, travel, wear colorful clothes and chunky, shiny jewelry. I’m also a church girl who loves to spend time with my boyfriend, friends and family (some would even call my family the neo-Huxtables!). A few years ago, I accomplished the biggest dream of my life–losing 144lbs (check out my story on The Today Show  fast forward to 2:27). Fortunately, I realized I could accomplish my dream, gained confidence in myself, and became more active. Unfortunately, I did not create long-lasting healthy habits and gained it all again over time. Now, I am back on my weight loss journey.

What’s this website all about?

I created this space for a couple of reasons:

1) I need accountability! I’ll be sharing my thoughts and experiences during my journey to better health. Doing so will help me remember why this is important to me. I hope we can form a community to push each other towards our goals.

2) Quite honestly, this space is a shameless plug for my upcoming book The Weight Loss D.I.V.A.! Within the pages of my book I openly share how I lost half of my size, and worked through some of the pain of regaining it back. You’ll also find tips to jump start your weight loss journey from celebrity trainer Chuck Morris.

What can you expect to see here?

I believe that we all have the ability within us (for some of us it’s buried deeper than others!) to achieve our goals. Sometimes we just need a little help. Here, you will find encouragement to be more disciplined (physically, mentally, and spiritually); inspiration to keep going; reminders that you can do your victory dance now; and a push to accept yourself the way that you are flaws and all. This is what being a “Weight Loss D.I.V.A.” is all about. I’m asking you to join me on my personal journey to total health and I am committed to helping you get there as well.