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Hi, I’m LeeAnn and I am JOY! Meaning, I radiate joy wherever I go. It’s part of my life’s purpose and personal passion (can you feel it, yet?!).  I’m also Your Confidence Coach. I work with amazing women who want to elevate their confidence so they can finally stop “faking it ‘til they make” and feel successful within (more about my confidence journey here). I lead a fantastic wellness community called Fit & Fab Lifestyle with an intimate, life changing retreat called Fit & Fab Weekend (if you haven’t been yet, you must go). 

I wear many hats like you do: wife, friend, boss, employee, and child of God to name a few. I love to see people stand confidently in their greatness and I’d like to see you flourish too. . .let me help you! I’ve got your back so contact me using the form below or take your time to peruse the site for resources to bolster your confidence or support your wellness journey. Talk with you soon.


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