Some people have their quotes and mantras, but I have my songs. My Power Playlist, that is.

Before every big event, important meeting or when I may feel down I turn on my Power Playlist. This is a playlist that my honey Mike curated for me with songs that reflect how amazing I want to feel daily. It is a random assortment of 90’s R&B to 2000’s hip-hop to contemporary Christian music that all come together for this wacky mix of greatness.

Each song speaks to me in a very specific way to give me the confidence boost I need to slay the day. I listen to it as a reminder of who I am so that I can face anything ahead of me.

My current fave is the song Outstanding by The Gap Band. Yes, it is UBER random and not even a song I’ve called a favorite beforehand. Something about the word “outstanding” gives me a bolt and I stand up a little bit taller when I dare think of myself as such.

What is your go to song, quote or mantra that gives you a boost? I encourage you to find a song to add to your “Power Playlist” that’ll give you the confidence kick you need.

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Can’t wait!