Hey! What’s your morning routine? Many of us were raised by a parent, grandparent or teacher who constantly reminded us that, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Why? Because (excuse the cliché) how you start often determines how you finish. Personally, I find that when I start my day with prayer, exercise and a healthy food choice I am more productive throughout the day.

I have a comprehensive morning routine that propels me through the day. Admittedly, my mornings are not always perfect and at times I feel like Usain Bolt sprinting for the door so I  can make it to work on time. But no matter how cray cray my morning is, these general morning rules apply:

  1. Start the day with God: Whether it is praying fervently for 30 minutes, reading a page out of a devotional book or watching the sunrise while you reflect on God’s beautiful creation, the day is always better when you start with God on your mind.
  2. Do something healthy: Walk around the block, stretch or drink a smoothie. Doing a healthy action gives you energy and makes you feel pretty great about yourself.
  3. Be still:  Sitting for a few moments to set your intentions and collect your thoughts before the craziness begins gives your day purpose, clarity and focus.

In this video I walk you through my morning routine. I actually taped it while getting ready for work so it is the real deal! In the video I mention my favorite devotional book “Jesus Calling” and two planners that I now swear by called “Cultivate What Matters” and “The Happy Planner“. I love them so much that I became an affiliate. This just means that when I tell others about it (which I do often) and you purchase it, the company sends me a small commission. I’d recommend these items even if I didn’t get a little coin, but you’re free to find them elsewhere if you don’t want to use the link I provide.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Make it a great day! (PS – Remember to like, subscribe and share the video!)