Would you consider yourself a risk taker? Well, I don’t. At least not without some conscious effort. And over the past two years I have been more intentional about pursuing my God-given purpose and daring to “make it messy.” That’s one major lesson I gleaned from my time at Marketing Impact Live in sunny California. This amazing conference virtual mentor and BFF (in my head) Chalene Johnson completely rocked my theoretical world around entrepreneurship, online marketing and networking.

In this video I share 3 key lessons I learned literally blew my mind and shifting business forward. Here’s one to wet your appetite: MAKE IT MESSY. In my own words this means—don’t wait for perfection to launch. If you wait until things are perfectly aligned, until you have all the money or until you’ve lost that weight to pursue your dreams you will never launch! So, let go of perfection, take the risk and make it freakin’ messy!

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XOXO – LeeAnn