[Pic: Billy McFarland, founder of the Fyre Festival]

I resubscribed to Netflix just so I could see what all the hype was about Marie Kondo (judge ya mama) and I fell down the Fyre Festival rabbit hole. Yes, I watched both documentaries on Hulu AND Netflix.  It is just too ridiculous not to get mesmerized by it. I mean, the rich boy privilege of it all is plain amazing. If you’re unfamiliar with the Fyre Festival (I was too because I have other things going on like…a job and a life like you), here’s the quick recap:


  • Young, privileged kid says he’s hosting the greatest music festival of all time (think Woodstock for rich Millennials in the Bahamas)
  • The rapper Ja Rule (yes, that Ja Rule) becomes the face of it
  • Said rich kid convinces famous models like Kendall Jenner promote the festival
  • They sold out with tickets as expensive as $250,000 a pop….but, there is no real festival happening
  • Thousands arrive at the “festival” also known as a construction zone in the middle of nowhere without housing, food, water or plumbing
  • Rich kid goes to jail for fraud, Ja Rule lives to fight another day…the end


Now, back to MY point. I sat there in utter disbelief as I watched interview after interview of people explaining how they believed all his lies. Repeatedly, they all commented, “He seemed so confident…” He was CONFIDENT.


His confidence alone sold millions…MILLIONS…of dollars worth of tickets to an event that would never happen! I can feel the heat in my body rising as I type this. Why?! How many times have well intentioned, skilled, integrity filled individuals like you (and myself) desired to do something but did not because the confidence was missing.  You may have even felt like a fraud. But this kid really was a fraud!! And you, talented woman, you are not!!


I know I’m fussing, but it has to be said. Gone are the days of waiting on your dreams or sleeping on your goals because you’re afraid that you’ll look like an imposter. I PROMISE you boo boo, you are NOT A FRAUD. Now, Billy…he was a fraud. But you Queen…you are not.


In the Confidence Code Course we address the barriers to your confidence so that you can pursue the dreams and goals that God placed within you. Get out of your own way so you can make magic happen. Here’s what someone posted about the course so far….


And it doesn’t stop there.. There are many other testimonials where that came from and guess what, you will have one too.


While I wish we all had the chutzpah to come up with such a grand plan as Fyre…I don’t want you to do that. I want you to birth the dream or goal that YOU have. I want you to prove your negative self-talk wrong and say in response, “I can do this! I am worthy!”.


So, while rich kid Billy hangs in the big house for several years to think about his next amazing scam I want you to consider joining The Confidence Code Course for our Spring session. You don’t have to decide now, but I am asking you to at least commit to joining the waiting list. Dip your toe in the water for now so you can jump in full splash later.


You’ve got this. You deserve this. You are worthy.

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