I can’t believe we are nearly a month into the new year. Just a few weeks ago we were all counting down the clock and planning how to take over the world this year. I must say, I started off this year on a high too.

January is Stress & Emotional Health Awareness month. I spent a lot of time on this blog and in my personal life considering ways to decrease stress and focus on getting healthier from the inside out.

I kicked off the Weight Confident #WCW series and chatted with Marcia Myers about her journey out of depression.

I shared about how I found the courage to begin again and had a blast on a Twitter chat with A Woman’s Business. The month ended with a blast….of snow that is! I hope my tips on how to survive “snowzilla” 2016 helped!

I am so proud that I met my goals for this month–I worked out at least 4x each week (okay the snowstorm slowed me down this week). I also planned and prepped me and my hubby’s meals almost every week. Whew! Life-long habits are underway!

These new habits didn’t come without a struggle. There were sooo many days that I had to peel myself off the couch to the gym and run away from cookies. Most days I won and it shows!

As happy as I am about January, I am even more excited about February–Heart Healthy Month. I have some cool things planned including the Go Red for Women Fitness and Fun event on Friday, February 5th. If you’re in the Maryland, DC, VA area you should definitely come through. Zumba, bootcamp preview, makeovers, facials, and a free copy of my book…..yes, it’s going to be fabulous and fit for a DIVA!

Can’t wait!