So…what had happened was…

I had a conference call with the one and only Oprah Winfrey. I’ll set up the scene for you.

I dashed out of work so I would not be late. Phone fully charged (for once in my life). Prepared dinner early. Turned down the lights. Situated myself on the couch. Got out my favorite notebook and pen…yes, the good pen. Told my hubby to escape to his man cave and I put on an invisible “do not disturb” sign around my neck. I dialed into the conference line she emailed to me. And then I heard her voice…Good Evening!!!

I must be honest. I did have a conference call with O. There just happened to be 1,000 other people on the line with me. Oprah held an open call with Weight Watchers members only (I joined WW, I’ll tell you more about that later). And yes, I felt like I was in a one-on-one with her majesty LOL. The setup did occur the way I described. How many times would I hear her live and have her answer my questions about shedding pounds?!

Dramatics aside I sincerely enjoyed the call. She interviewed a handful of Weight Watchers success stories so they could share how they reached their goals. It was truly inspiring! I have always admired Oprah for how open she has been about her journey. I can’t imagine going through the peaks and valleys of losing weight as publicly as she has. And to think I get embarrassed by my little network of friends and family seeing me gain and lose. She had to do it in front of millions worldwide! I’m amazed that she keeps sharing her story (I am sure the multi million dollar deal with WW helped).

In true Oprah Winfrey fashion, let me please share my biggest “aha moment” as a result of the call: I quit dieting.

A diet is something you will get “on” or “off” at some point. Living a healthy lifestyle is forever. I used to get so overwhelmed at the thought of sticking with these low carb meal replacement, high fiber low fat, all protein types of diets for an eternity. I thought that was the only way to stay thin. When in fact, I can let it go. Let go of the pressure that comes with dieting and live my life well…always.

Here’s what this means for me: 1. I don’t have to go hard all the time. 2. I can relax and enjoy the journey. 3. I can exercise because it makes me feel good and not to burn calories. 4. I can eat the cake…every so often and not feel guilty. 5. I don’t have to be skinny by next month.

These are all things that I’ve already known. Heck I’ve written a book about it. Sometimes revelation comes to you when you’re ready to really hear it. I guess I was ready.

Thanks O!