I have to address something that’s been on my mind lately: How stress triggers my cravings. But before I do that, a quick check in: It’s been 3 weeks….how have you been doing with the gratiFIT challenge? The 10 minute circuit? I have been doing well with meal prepping and cooking about 80% of my meals. On average I’ve done the circuit 3 days a week and hit up my Zumba class 2 days a week. My next goal is to consistently exercise 4 days a week at 30 – 60 mins a pop.  How will you readjust?

Okay, onto the topic at hand. Since I’ve been refocusing on making better choices I’ve noticed how tempted I am when I feel stressed or overwhelmed. And my drug of choice…carbs and sugar. Fast food and ice cream to be exact. There’s just something about those foods (or Frankenfoods) that make me feel oh so much better.

For me the temptation comes in waves. A crazy day at work (there’s been many of them lately). Feeling overwhelmed. Wanting to relax. Feeling like I deserve a treat. Or it comes after I’ve waited too long to eat anything that requires thinking so all I have the mental capacity to get is a dish off of somebody’s value menu. #thestruggleisreal

When I feel stressed I do not feel like I am in control. My situation does. Unconsciously I grab for a large size order of fries because what I put in my mouth seems to be the only thing I can control at the moment. So I’m going to stick it to the man by eating whatever I want!  You know this is twisted right?

So what have I been doing lately?

I am learning a lesson on how to overcome temptation. I’ll offer this advice to you as well:

Take a Pause. At least 10 seconds. In the midst of making plans to find the nearest Mickey D’s. Or before you’ve decided that there is absolutely nothing to eat at home. Trust me there is something. Your body and mind will reason with you that “It’s okay. It’s just this time. You’ll order order a small fry this time. You’ll just get a salad.” (You won’t get the salad, trust me.)

Imagine. 10 seconds.
Recall the image you want to look like. Ask whether this action will get you closer to your goal or delay it?
Trust me your body is irrational. And it will be speaking LOUDER and more QUICKLY than your rationale mind can keep up. Think – Where is this craving coming from? Why do I want this? Is it going to get me to my goal?

Talk to yourself: Outloud say: I can do this. I can eat well. I can achieve my goal. I don’t have to listen to my body. I often quote a scripture that means a lot to me such as, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!” Philippians 4:13

Phone a friend:  I often think, “Who will check me or keep me accountable?” Who should you call? Think about the person that you ABSOLUTELY do NOT want to call. THAT is the person you should call.Trust me. I am accountable to all of you. But honestly I’m not going to write a blog every time I feel a craving coming on.

She doesn’t know this, but the other night it was my mother. I had one of those days. I stayed late at work. Missed my workout class. Felt flustered. Was hungry because I waited too long to prepare something healthy. And I was about to drive to Wendy’s in my workout clothes and all LOL!! I am telling you the truth. I didn’t tell my mom she was my accountability partner. I just knew that there was no way I could go thru that drive thru with her on the line. And you know I can’t lie to my mama.

Find your way of escape: Mentally scan your fridge and pantry. If you’ve created the right environment I guarantee you have something at home you can eat or maybe you’ll go to Boston Market instead of McDonald’s. Trust me: the healthy alternative WILL become clear. (For you bible scholars see 1 Corinthians 10:13)

This process may sound like a lot, but it all happens in less than a few minutes. I promise you. I am not saying I have this perfected just yet, but I am working on it daily. So, the next time you feel stressed or feel a craving coming on. Follow these few steps.

Leave a comment to tell me if this works for you too!