So, the entire Northeast is preparing for what my husband and I have deemed “snowmageddon” this week. Yes, it’s about to go down (in my best P. Diddy voice). Grocery stores are filled with last minute shoppers trying to stack their pantries for winter. As if we won’t see daylight for the next six weeks. But alas, I was one of them! (exhibit A)


For some reason I wanted to buy EVERYTHING . . . and then eat it. All. LOL. There is something about a snowstorm that brings out the inner fatty in many of us. I thought I would help all of us prepare well with a few tips to survive the first snowstorm of 2016 without gaining unnecessary pounds.

I heart the pasta and cheesy goodness of Chicken Parmesan especially on a cold day. Try this version with Spaghetti Squash and grilled chicken to save tremendously on carbs! Replace the breaded for grilled.

spaghetti squash

There is nothing like curling up on the coach with my boo, a movie, and my favorite ice cream on a snowy day. But you can save hundreds of calories and fat with this  version made with . . .bananas! Zero Weight Watchers points my friends.

banana icecream

  • Portion-controlled treat.

I believe in treating yourself every now and again. Just don’t go overboard. Choose wisely. My treat will be two peanut butter cups.

After your treat, treat yourself to a little calorie burn. My girl Keiara Lashae has the BEST dance fitness videos for free on YouTube. Check her out and get your life. Or, for the married folks enjoy a little fun in the bedroom since you can’t go anywhere else!