I joined Weight Watchers . . . Again.

I have had a love/hate relationship with Weight Watchers (WW) since the early 2000’s. On my first attempt I lasted about a month. I tracked my points using an old fashioned paper and pencil and refused to go to a meeting because I thought they were only for ‘old’ ladies. (Give me a break I was barely 20 yrs old!).

My second attempt was probably 8-10 yrs later. I committed to 3 months and then quit 2 weeks later. I tried the meetings, but between my lengthy commute and the not-so-great leader I had every excuse to stop attending.

They say that the third time is a charm. Here I am. Attempt #3. What led me here yet again? Well, what can I say…it works! There are few diets out there that are not really diets. Okay if that made no sense let me explain. Before I was so caught up in reaching a goal quickly. WW really wasn’t for me at the time. There was no way that I could achieve my goal in the timeframe I wanted without dieting. And I was successful without it. But here I am nearly 16 years later. And I soooo do not want to diet again.

This time around I opted for the online only plan, but after about 2 weeks Inwas convinced that I needed the accountability that comes with in person meetings. Trust me I was ridiculously skeptical at first. 

My first meeting was like church. No, not a boring service. Like a full on I-am-feeling-emotional-God-is-talking-directly-to-me kind of church service. The leader was awesome! Of course I almost cried (you will learn that I am a cry baby at times LOL). The people were great too.

The leader expressed emphatically that we should not focus on the scale. What? I responded, “This is Weight Watchers! How can we not focus on the scale? Aren’t we watching our weight?” She paused as if she were already prepared for my remark and said, “You’re right. We do watch our weight. We watch our weight go up and we watch our weight go down.” 

For whatever reason her comment echoed in my head for the rest of the week. She went on to say that we should not be controlled by the scale. That number should not not dictate whether I will have a good day or a bad day. It is just a number. We ought to focus on changing our lives.

I’m still a newbie with WW. But this time I think I get it. I’m enjoying it. So as they say the third time’s a charm! I’ll keep you posted on my progress every once in awhile. I firmly believe that if you’re ready to change it doesn’t matter what program you choose. You’ll make it work for you.